Our services are targeted at packaging, automotive, household goods and home electronics businesses. We know how important timely deliveries, consistent quality an undisturbed production processes are in such sectors. Our manufacturing plant, equipped with state-of-the-art technical solutions in the plastic processing industry, can guarantee that these requirements will be satisfied.

Our personnel is qualified and experienced, having worked on various projects for key market players in the packaging sector (L’Oreal, Avon Cosmetics, Unilever), household appliances sector (BSH) and automotive sector (Delphi). We have free production capacities on brand-new injection moulding machines with the clamping force of 350 – 6500 kN.

Available machines:

KM CX series
350 kN - 2 units
500 kN - 1 units
800 kN - 2 units
1100 kN - 4 units
1300 kN - 3 units
1600 kN - 5 units
2000 kN - 1 units
2500 kN - 4 units
3500 kN - 7 units (including two units for two-component injection)

4000 kN - 3 units
6500 kN - 2 units

The machines can be equipped with additional tools or attachments as necessary to handle customer moulds.

We also offer design and fabrication of customised moulds.


In addition to the services provided by our company, we also offer the sale of sanitary products manufactured using a patented plastic processing technology with the use of silver nanoparticles.

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