Our manufacturing resources and auxiliary infrastructure have been developed to provide customers with the highest standard of service: undisturbed by downtimes, ensuring consistent quality and the shortest possible delivery times. As a matter of fact, there are two or three of all our injection moulders (with the clamping force ranging from 300 kN to 6500 kN). We currently operate 32 brand new Krauss Maffei CX and GX series injection moulding machines, most of them equipped with robots and sprue pickers.

Krauss Maffei CX-series injection moulding machines feature energy-efficient hydraulic pump drive with a very short dry run time and a high-capacity plasticising unit with an innovative HPS screw, which contributes to reduced manufacturing costs and environmental burden. The dual plate clamping system ensures parallelism of the movement and stiffness of the clamping unit, which has a direct influence on the quality and reproducibility of production. A robust plasticising system means consistent injection parameters. All CX injection moulding machines are fitted with a Blue Power series of optimisations of individual processes and technologies used to reduce the energy consumption.
Our GX-series machines are equipped with a number of solutions to provide optimum cost-efficiency and performance in manufacturing. The patented GuideX plate guide shoe perfectly absorbs the deforming forces typically present when moving heavy injection moulds and reduces torsional forces occurring during the injection phase. As a result, the lifetime of the customer’s moulds is greatly extended.
The Blue Power Servo Drive is an energy-efficient technology of dynamic servomotors which adapt the performance and pump pressure to the actual requirements of the injection moulding machine hydraulic system.
The injection moulders are equipped with robots and manipulators of established international brands, such as KM and Wittmann. The cooling system is based on ONI equipment and makes another key element of a reliable manufacturing process.

The company now has 30,000 square metres of readily available production and storage space, which can be further extended if needed. The production is expected to run a full-time, 24/7 service.

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